About Hearing Industries Association

The Hearing Industries Association (HIA) was formed in 1955 and serves as a forum for hearing aid manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and hearing health professionals. Our members are responsible for the majority of the over 3 million hearing aids that are purchased in the United States on an annual basis. Today, HIA remains the only association in America to represent hearing aid technology. The Association provides companies a unique platform to communicate on hearing health and technology issues. HIA supports its members and carries out its mission in the following ways:

  • Advocacy with Congress and the Administration
  • Interaction with government agencies focused on the FDA, FTC, and FCC
  • Longitudinal market research report
  • Monthly and quarterly confidential statistical reports
  • Engagement with professional provider organizations including the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Audiology, International Hearing Society, Hearing Loss Association of America and other consumer groups
  • Educational initiatives that increase hearing awareness


Our Mission

Trusted voice on hearing health care for product innovation, patient safety and education, and public policy.


Our Vision

Improving the hearing healthcare of Americans through medical device innovation.