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Disposable and Rechargeable Batteries

Zinc-air button disposable batteries are widely used in hearing aids today. These batteries are activated by oxygen, so they “turn on” once the sticker seal is removed from its back. As long as the sticker remains in place, the batteries typically do not expire for three years. Once removing the sticker, the battery’s life depends on its size, level of use, humidity, amplification needs, and Bluetooth streaming. The below graphic provides a summary of each battery.


Source: Healthy Hearing, Hearing Aid Batteries


Many new models of hearing aids are being produced with built in rechargeable batteries. Manufacturers are producing these hearing aids to sustain themselves all day after an overnight charge. In some rechargeable models, users are also able to insert standard hearing aid batteries into the hearing aids if the charge runs out. Depending on streaming requirements, hearing aids with rechargeable capabilities are able to function throughout the day after an overnight charge. Because rechargeable hearing aids are a newer innovation, updates to the technology is being continuously released.


ZPower batteries
Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Source: ZPower
Signia Batteries
Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Source: Signia


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Disposable and Rechargeable Batteries