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Technology Innovations

Technology Innovations
Hearing Aids with streaming accessories

Due to new innovations in technology, hearing aids are able to connect us with our friends, hobbies, and our environment.

Many who suffer from hearing loss avoid crowded spaces or restaurants where it is hard to hear conversation. With hearing aid apps and accessories, hearing aids can now allow the user to adjust what direction of sound to focus on or connect to a separate microphone that can be worn or set on a table.

Hearing aids that connect to smartphones via Bluetooth also allow the user to stream calls and music directly from a phone or tablet to the hearing aids, amplifying sound and cutting out background noise.

With remote accessories like TV streamers, hearing aid wearers can enjoy their favorite TV shows or movies with clear, stereo sounds streamed to their hearing aids. This will allow friends and family to enjoy watching alongside the hearing aid user at comfortable volume levels.

T-Coil symbol
A T-coil symbol indicating that a t-coil system is installed at that location, source: Widex

Most BTE and RIC hearing aids come equipped with a telecoil, or “T-coil”. A T-coil is a copper wire that is wrapped inside the hearing aid casing. When turned on, the microphone on the hearing aid turns off and allows the wire to capture sound solely from the source. T-coils can either connect to a compatible phone, microphone accessory, or audio in a public space. T-coils systems are frequently installed in places such as churches, community centers, airports, museums, and theaters. Ask your hearing healthcare professional about t-coil settings in your hearing aids and how best to connect to your surroundings.

Be sure to let your hearing healthcare professional know about your social and technology preferences when considering hearing aids and accessories.


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