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The Price of Hearing Aids

The total cost of hearing aids can vary depending on the features of the device and services provided by your hearing healthcare professional. On average, the price of one hearing aid ranges between $1,000-$4,000. The technology consists of about one third of the total cost while the remaining sum may include the initial consultation and evaluation, fitting and molding, testing appointment with hearing aid, adjustments and check-ups, and model warranty.

Here are some resources to assist you in the purchase of your new hearing aids:


For Adults

Private Insurance
Check with your private insurance to if hearing health coverage is offered. Although most private insurers do not cover the full cost of hearing aids, some may cover hearing tests and evaluations. Call your insurer to discuss your available options.

Medicare and Medicaid
Original Medicare and most Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover hearing exams, fittings, or hearing aid technology. Medicare Part B may cover most or all costs of a hearing exam if ordered by a doctor. Medicare Part C may also cover hearing exams and expenses for hearing aids. To ask questions about Medicare, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

Medicaid coverage is determined by Federal and State governments, so your location will effect what benefits you are able to receive if you live below the poverty line. To locate your state agency and ask about what services they provide, please visit Medicaid.gov.

Financial Assistance
There are a variety of organizations that offer financial assistance for hearing aids. These organizations will assess your situation and income to determine what financial benefits they will provide. Other organizations will set up a loan program for you to more easily pay for the technology over time. To see organizations that provide assistance, view our HIA Financial Assistance Guide.


For Children

Private Insurance
Reach out to your insurance provider to see what hearing health services are provided for your child.

Low-income families may benefit from services provided under Medicaid. To understand what your child may be eligible for, reach out to your state agency at Medicaid.gov.

Children’s Hospitals
Many local children’s hospitals have audiology departments that can provide assistance and education in local, state, and national hearing aid assistance programs. Some may provide low-interest payment plans for families who need help.

Financial Assistance
Some organizations that provide financial assistance for hearing aids only cater to the needs of children under a certain age. To view these organizations and eligibility requirements, please see the ‘Pediatric’ section of HIA’s Financial Assistance Guide.


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