MarkeTrak is a longitudinal study of the consumer journey that provides unique data on hearing difficulty, hearing aid usage, and adoption rates. With this valuable information, industry leaders are able to improve hearing aid technology to benefit consumers and increase rates of satisfaction. To date, there have been nine MarkeTrak reports with the most recent report scheduled for release in March 2019.

The primary objectives of MarkeTrak are to:

  • Estimate the incidence of hearing loss within the U.S.
  • Estimate the adoption rate for hearing aids/instruments among those with hearing loss.
  • Profile segments to understand key characteristics and behaviors for each segment.
  • Understand the mental and physical health effects of hearing loss.
  • Update the understanding of the purchase dynamic (e.g., decision-making factors, processes, perceptions, and intentions) among those with hearing loss who have decided to or who have decided not to purchase/use a hearing aid/instrument.
  • Understand levels of usage across a variety of hearing aids/instruments and user types.
  • Understand current levels of satisfaction across a variety of hearing aids/instruments and user types.

Public information of the MarkeTrak studies are available to read here.