MarkeTrak Publications

MarkeTrak is our tracking survey of the hearing-impaired population and hearing aid market. It is usually conducted every 3-4 years to 80,000 households utilizing the National Family Opinion Panel. Listed below are the various surveys presented in chronological order.



MarkeTrak X: Hearing Aids in an Era of Disruption and DTC/OTC Devices


An Introduction to MarkeTrak IX: A New Baseline for the Hearing Aid Market

07/09/2013 More highlights from MarkeTrak
06/04/2013 Highlights from MarkeTrak
03/01/2012 MarkeTrak VIII: The key influencing factors in hearing aid purchase intent
11/01/2011 MarkeTrak VIII: Prevalence of Tinnitus and Efficacy of Treatments
06/01/2011 MarkeTrak VIII: Reducing patient visits through verification and validation
06/01/2011 MarkeTrak VIII: Patients report improved quality of life with hearing aid usage
03/01/2011 MarkeTrak VIII: Mini-BTEs tap new market, users more satisfied
10/01/2010 The Efficacy of Hearing Aids in Achieving Compensation Equity in the Workplace
06/01/2010 MarkeTrak VIII: Utilization of PSAPs and Direct-Mail Hearing Aids by People with Hearing Impairment
04/01/2010 MarkeTrak VIII: The Impact of the Hearing Healthcare Professional on Hearing Aid User Success
01/01/2010 MarkeTrak VIII: Customer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing
10/01/2009 MarkeTrak VIII: 25 year trends in the hearing health market
09/24/2009 25 Year Trends In The Hearing Health Market.
09/25/2008 The Key Influencing Factors In Hearing Aid Purchase Intent.
09/01/2007 MarkeTrak VII: Are 1 Million Dependents With Hearing Loss In America Being Left Behind?
05/01/2007 MarkeTrak VII: The Impact Of Untreated Hearing Loss On Household Income
04/01/2007 MarkeTrak VII: Obstacles To Adult Non-User Adoption Of Hearing Aids
09/01/2005 MarkeTrak VII: Customer Satisfaction With Hearing Aids In The Digital Age
07/01/2005 MarkeTrak VII: Hearing Loss Population Tops 31 Million People
02/01/2003 MarkeTrak VI: On The Issue Of Value: Hearing Aid Benefit, Price, Satisfaction And Brand Repurchase Rates
01/01/2003 MarkeTrak VI: Isolating The Impact Of The Volume Control On Customer Satisfaction
12/01/2002 MarkeTrak VI: Factors Impacting Consumer Choice Of Dispenser & Hearing Aid; Use Of ALDs & Computers
11/01/2002 MarkeTrak VI: Consumers Rate Improvements Sought In Hearing Instruments
10/01/2002 MarkeTrak VI: 10-Year Customer Satisfaction Trends In The US Hearing Instrument Market
12/01/2001 MarkeTrak VI: The VA And Direct Mail Sales Spark Growth In Hearing Aid Market
02/01/2000 MarkeTrak V: Why My Hearing Aids Are In The Drawer: The Consumer's Perspective
01/01/2000 MarkeTrak V: Customer Satisfaction Revisited
01/01/1999 MarkeTrak V: Baby Boomers Spur Growth In Potential Market, But Penetration Rate Declines
01/01/1998 MarkeTrak IV: Correlates Of Hearing Aid Purchase Intent.
01/01/1997 MarkeTrak IV: What Is The Viable Market For Hearing Aids?
01/01/1996 MarkeTrak IV: 10 Year Trends In The Hearing Aid Market: Has Anything Changed?
11/01/1994 MarkeTrak IV: Will CICs Attract A New Type Of Customer---And What About Price?
09/01/1994 MarkeTrak IV: Impact On Purchase Intent Of Cosmetics, Stigma, And Style Of Hearing Instrument.
10/01/1993 MarkeTrak III: The Billion Dollar Opportunity In The Hearing Instruments Market.
08/01/1993 MarkeTrak III Identifies Key Factors In Determining Customer Satisfaction.
01/01/1993 MarkeTrak III: Why 20 Million In U.S. Don't Use Hearing Aids For Their Hearing Loss.
09/01/1992 MarkeTrak III: Would Lower Retail Prices Grow The Market?
07/01/1992 MarkeTrak III: Higher Hearing Aid Sales Don't Signal Better Market Penetration.
02/01/1991 MarkeTrak II: More MDs Give Hearing Tests, Yet Hearing Aid Sales Remain Flat.
01/10/1989 Introducing MarkeTrak: The Consumer Tracking Survey Of The Hearing Instruments Market