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Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Just like scheduling a physical at your family doctor, a dental cleaning and check at your dentist, or having an eye exam, your hearing wellness check should be included in your routine health maintenance. If you are beyond the age of 60, work in a noisy environment, or have frequent exposure to loud noises, an annual hearing check is advised.

There are many ways to check your hearing, both in person and online. You can schedule an appointment with a hearing professional, take an online hearing check, or find a hearing health app. Below, each method of hearing testing is explained with resources for you to begin your first step to understanding your hearing abilities.

Your Hearing Wellness Check

A hearing examination with a licensed hearing professional is a quick and simple process. During a hearing examination, you may be asked to complete the following:

  1. An evaluation of personal hearing health and medical history. It is important to understand any issues that affect your hearing, such as genetic factors, medications you take, or other medical conditions like ear infections, allergies, colds, and even past traumas to the head.
  2. An evaluation of noise exposure. If you have frequent exposure to loud noises in the workplace, through a hobby, or in a social situation that may put you at higher risk for hearing loss.
  3. An otoscopic exam. Because earwax and other obstructions in the ear can cause hearing loss, an otoscope will be used to observe your ear canal and ear drum to rule out issues in your inner ear.
  4. A pure tone test. You will be provided with either headphones or soft earplugs to wear and will be placed in a sound-proof booth or room. You will be asked to listen for faint tones and either raise your hand or press a button when you hear the tone. Your responses to the tones will determine what frequencies you are able to hear and noted on your audiogram.
  5. A speech test. This test will determine what spoken sounds you are able to recognize at different volumes and with the addition of background noise.

Based on the results, a hearing professional will be able to determine if you have a hearing loss impacting your quality of life and be able to offer treatment options that fit your needs and budget. Visit the Find A Hearing Professional page to connect with a local professional and schedule your hearing test.


Online Hearing Checks and Smartphone Apps

There are free hearing checks available online that can be easily accessed from your computer or smartphone. While helpful to show your basic hearing abilities, this should not be used as a substitute for a comprehensive hearing test completed by a licensed hearing professional.

The National Hearing Test offered by AARP. AARP members are eligible for a free hearing check once a year over the phone. Three-digit sequences are provided through a background of white noise and you are asked to input those digits on your keypad. The check will determine whether you should follow up with a professional hearing test.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

The following companies offer free hearing checks. Visit the below webpages to read instructions and begin the test:

Smartphone Apps to Check Your Hearing

Check out one of these apps: HearWHO and HearScreen


These products are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Hear Well partner organizations.